,pm      ,,           mq.                                                              
   6M      `7MM             Mb                                   `7MM        mm            
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   M9   ,M""bMM `7MM  `7MM  YM `7MMpdMAo.`7MM  `7MM  `7MMpMMMb.    MM  ,MP'mmMMmm ,pW"Wq.  
_.d"' ,AP    MM   MM    MM  `"b._MM   `Wb  MM    MM    MM    MM    MM ;Y     MM  6W'   `Wb 
`"bp. 8MI    MM   MM    MM  ,qd"'MM    M8  MM    MM    MM    MM    MM;Mm     MM  8M     M8 
   Mb `Mb    MM   MM    MM  6M   MM   ,AP  MM    MM    MM    MM    MM `Mb.   MM  YA.   ,A9 
   MM  `Wbmd"MML. `Mbod"YML.MM   MMbmmd'   `Mbod"YML..JMML  JMML..JMML. YA.  `Mbmo`Ybmd9'  
   YM                       M9   MM                                                        
    `bm                   md'  .JMML.   ==== A pubnix/tilde for fun ====                   


In short, {du}punkto is a shared Linux box that members get shell access to. It also has a bunch of services running on it, like a webserver, gemini server and git frontend.

The goal is to learn new things about *nix systems, collaborate on code, experiment, and, above all, having fun.

Currently, {du}punkto is running these services:


{du}punkto is ran by two teenagers from the Netherlands, who enjoy playing around with programming languages and Linux. Find us here:

Directory of all members

Why the name?

{du}punkto is derived from the Esperanto word “dupunkto”, which means “colon”. We aim to be the beginning of something, instead of the end (a semicolon indicates the end of a statement in a lot of programming languages).

However, mostly the domain was still available and it sounded fun.

How can I join?

Currently, {du}punkto is very young and small-scale, so you might not be let in (yet), but we’d love to hear from you! If you’d like to join, shoot Robin an email:

I’d like to join


This project is hugely inspired by the following initiatives:

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